About BMSC

The Board of Medical Specialty Coding & Compliance (BMSC) is the credentialing arm of the Association of Home Care Coding & Compliance (AHCC), an education and training division of DecisionHealth, LLC. Currently, BMSC offers four home health professional credentials and three certificate programs.

BMSC’s mission is to lead coders, clinicians, and compliance professionals in advancing their professional practice and standards in the delivery of quality diagnostic coding, accuracy of OASIS data set collection, and adherence to official rules and guidelines.

NCCA Accreditation

In 2013, the HCS-D credential earned accreditation through the Commission of Credentialing Excellence (ICE), which offers accreditation to professional certification programs through the (NCCA) National Commission for Certifying Agencies. NCCA is globally recognized for representing the gold standard of accreditation.

Certification programs that receive NCCA accreditation demonstrate compliance with the NCCA's Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs—the first standards for professional certification programs developed by the industry.

The NCCA standards require demonstration of a valid and reliable process for development, implementation, maintenance, and governance of certification programs.

NCCA’s rigorous peer review process:

  • Establishes accreditation standards
  • Evaluates compliance with the standards
  • Recognizes organizations/programs that demonstrate compliance
  • Serve as a resource on quality certification

Credentials are earned by taking an examination that tests a candidate's knowledge of the subject matter, as well as his or her ability to accurately apply the knowledge in a workplace setting. To learn about BMSC's available credentials, visit Get Credentialed.