Coding & Oasis Training

Master ICD-10 coding for home health and boost your OASIS accuracy with DecisionHealth’s Ultimate Coding & OASIS Training Virtual Series.

Whether you’re new to coding or the OASIS, or you need an update on the latest changes for FY2021, the Ultimate Training Series has got you covered. You can choose the agenda that suits your experience level.

You’ll get: ICD-10 coding or OASIS education led by the top home health experts in the nation. Our trainers know the PDGM payment model inside and out, so you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the interactions between coding, the OASIS, and PDGM.

Don’t miss: All Ultimate Coding & OASIS Training Virtual Series courses are pre-approved for BMSC CEUs.

Plus: All of DecisionHealth’s Ultimate Training classes are available in a convenient online format so there’s no need to travel to get top-notch training.

Find the course that’s best for you.

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Get the details on the entire Ultimate Coding & OASIS Training Virtual Series.

Note: We have discontinued the BMSC Associate Program. We recommend the virtual ICD-10 Coding Basics Ultimate Training class for a basic understanding of ICD-10 coding for Home Health.