Get Ready for BMSC Credential Remote Testing

AHCC now offers two ways to sit for one of our BMSC credentialing exams:

  1. At a computer-based testing center, or
  2. Via remote online proctoring

You're probably already familiar with computer-based testing -- you'll select a convenient testing center location, and make an appointment to take your exam at that facility. With our new remote proctoring option, you can sit for your exam at home or in your office.

With remote online proctoring, you will be under the supervision of a proctor who will insist on a full inspection of your testing environment. Be sure to spend some time reading this document and reviewing the video and materials here to make sure your computer and your testing area meet our testing partner's requirements.

Among the noteworthy requirements:

  • You will need a very clean, clutter free workplace free of all pictures, books (except allowed resources), papers, etc. This includes second monitors, printers, and more.
  • Your person will be inspected (sleeves, any areas where clothing could have pockets, behind your ears for possible Bluetooth devices, etc.)
  • Your desk and chair will be inspected
  • You will need to have your exam number and a driver’s license or other ID with a photo
  • You must make sure the name on your ID matches the name used to register for the exam
  • You cannot use a touch-screen on your computer or tablet to take your exam

Please read the remote proctoring document linked above to avoid surprises.

Good luck with your exam!