Additional Recertification Processes


Each year a percentage of recertification report forms are randomly selected for audit. Individuals selected for audits will be notified in writing and required to submit verifiable documentation (for example, certificates of attendance or similar materials) for each activity listed on the CEU Report Form by the due date specified on the audit notification material.

Verifiable documentation can include certificates of attendance, program materials, or other information provided by the program sponsor that verify program date, length, and subject matter (that is, agenda, program outline, handout, meeting summary, or meeting transcript).

It is therefore recommended that CEU participants retain all records in their files for at least one year following the cycle end date. Individuals who fail to respond to the audit request by the specified due date or are found to have submitted false information on their recertification form may be denied recertification.

Waiver of CE Requirements

BMSC may for good cause waive or reduce the CEU requirement. Certificants may request a temporary or permanent waiver by submitting a written request to BMSC for consideration within 90 days of the unforeseen event.

  • Temporary Waiver — Temporarily waive recertification requirements due to extenuating circumstances or hardships (for example, financial hardship, illness, unforeseen circumstances, and natural catastrophes)
  • Permanent Waiver — Permanently waive recertification requirements as a result of full-time retirement


BMSC may grant an extension of time to complete the number of CEUs required for a CE cycle. An extension of time shall not relieve the applicant of the responsibility for completion of the CEU requirements for the CE cycle in which the extension period falls. Extensions will be subject to a 15% late fee.

BMSC may grant an extension of time for a certification exam or certification eligibility period, but only under the following special circumstances:

  1. Natural Disaster – In the event of bad weather, a natural disaster, or another emergency (for example, a test center power outage)
  2. Medical or Personal Emergency – A medical or personal emergency is an unplanned event that prevents you from taking the exam. A medical or personal emergency may apply to you or one of your immediate family members; spouse, child, or parent as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act. Documentation (i.e. doctor’s note, emergency room forms, obituary) showing why you could not take your exam will be required.

**Please note: If the candidate has met one of the above special circumstances, requests an extension for an exam or certification eligibility period, and is approved the extension, the fees that apply are:

  1. First Approved Request for an Extension - $75 (valid for 45 days)
  2. Second and Final Approved Request for an Extension - $150 (valid for an additional 30 days). NO additional extension will be authorized.


Individuals whose credential has been revoked or whose application for reinstatement has been denied may appeal to BMSC. Additional information on submitting an appeal to BMSC is available in the Candidate Handbook available on the BMSC website.

Important Note: If you are submitting an Appeal, Waiver of CE Requirements, or Extensions, please complete and submit the AHCC Request for Consideration form, along with any required documentation.